Green Lab

The Green Lab is our ongoing research effort on software energy efficiency.

The Green Lab is a master course in the Software Engineering and Green IT program of the Computer Science master of the VU (additional information can be found here). The course takes place in period 1 (September-October) and it aims at teaching students the fundamentals of Empirical Software Engineering in the context of energy efficiency.

The slides of the Green Lab course are available here, give a look to them for understanding how we (and you!) can measure software for making it more green and sustainable!

The Green Lab is also a research laboratory, currently located in the Medialab of the Network Institute (room 11B-10 of the Main Building).  The lab hosts a number of servers, instrumented with state-of-the-Art energy sensors, to run our experiments on software energy efficiency.

In this page, we make publicly available all the experimental data we gather in the Green Lab. Stay tuned for new experiments!

green practices – online package

ICSE Technical Briefing – online package

ORM Approaches – online package

Cyber-foraging tactics – online package


The Green Lab team

The Green Lab team: Patricia Lago, Giuseppe Procaccianti, Remco Havermans, Nina Wolfram