Dr. Hans Burg

Photo hansMore than 15 years of experience in advising the (IT-) executives and management of a diversity of
organizations, ranging from SME’s and not-for profit organizations to large, international financial and retail
institutions. Always looking for the right interventions and solutions for the specific occasion on the edge of the
intertwined performance of IT and the organization itself.

Bottomline, it is always about maximizing the effectiveness of governing and running the IT department and its partners on the one hand and selecting and using the right IT solutions on the other hand, in order to realize the organization’s goals and ambitions.

I have specialized myself in both board-room advises concerning organizing IT, business and IT alignment, enterprise architectures, IT governance and selecting and contracting the right IT suppliers and partner, as well as in giving the example and introducing new ways of working on these topics in close cooperation with client teams. Working at client sites mostly as a trusted advisor and occasionally as a programme or an interim manager.

I am operating from the strong belief that IT is a people business. Although all kinds of techniques and methods are necessary, without the real passion of people and the will to cooperate and to co-create, business and IT will never really excel.


  • IT Performance
  • Business and IT Alignment
  • Enterprise Architectures
  • IT Management and Leadership
  • IT Governance
  • Project Portfolio Management