We carry out research in software engineering and software architecture in general, and specifically on their socio-technical and environmental sustainability. Software and sustainability play a key role in modern society. Europe focuses on sustainability and innovation more than ever. Our focus is on devising systematic, disciplined, and quantifiable approaches for designing, developing, and maintaining complex software intensive systems.


Our focus is on the following scientific areas of interest:

Data-driven decision making
Sustainability and Green IT
Software architecture design
Software adaptivity
Human factors
Empirical experimentation

Our strength is the balance between scientific quality and industrial relevance.

Some Application areas and Partners

Application areas

  • Smart city and digital society
  • Robotics software
  • Cloud based software

Academic partners

Non-academic partners

Our philosophy is that research should be industrial-relevant and serve the final purpose of being applied in practice. To this end, we specifically focus on the “real’’ needs of industrial practice by establishing collaboration with our industrial partners. In long term, the results of our research contribute to the European agenda by providing sustainable and innovative approaches to support service societies.

We are proud members of IPN (ICT Research Platform Nederland), the platform that unites all Dutch academic research groups that have ICT science as their core; and VERSEN (the Dutch National Association for Software Engineering). We are affiliated with the SIKS research school.